CTS-V | e85 Conversion | Pulley Swap | Long Tube Headers
Ford Shelby GT500 | e85 Conversion | Whipple Supercharger | Long Tube Headers
Procharger Supercharger | 6.1 Hemi | Challenger SRT-8
Dodge Challenger SRT8 | Procharger Supercharger | Long Tube Headers
Ford Mustang 5.0 | Cold Air Intake | Long Tube Headers| Axle Back Exhaust
Whipple Supercharger | Silverado Truck
Z06 | Street Strip Cam | Ported Heads | Long Tube Headers
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SeriousHP Performance Upgrades, Engine Programming, Fabrication Services

SeriousHP is a fully furnished performance facility offering solutions for every aspect of automotive performance. We offer everything from bolt on performance packages to custom solutions. We do custom exhaust fabrication and suspension upgrades, performance engine builds and rebuilds. Contact us to learn more.

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Current Shop Activities

Hellcat Hacked! SeriousHP first to tune a Dodge Hellcat. (3/15/2015) - Hellcat Hacked! SeriousHP first to performance tune a Hellcat. 706 RWHP / 830 Crank HP. We tune supercharged, turbocharged, and heavily cammed vehicles at SeriousHP! Tuned with HP Tuners 2.25 tuning software. Stay tuned. Even more Serious Horsepower will be added to this Hellcat soon! http://www.hptuners.com/ Serious HP Horsepower Performance High Performance Parts Supercharger Systems :Edelbrock Procharger Whipple MagnaCharger Turbocharger Continue Reading