Dyno Checklist

Pre-Dyno Checklist

Please check the following items before the vehicle is run on the dynamometer to help ensure testing proceeds safely.
  • Have you checked the engine oil levels to ensure safe engine operation?
  • Is there sufficient coolant in the radiator?
  • Terms of Service

    1. The Dyno process is for information gathering purposes only. This process is not designed or offered as a diagnosis or repair process.

    2. Dyno testing is being done with customer's approval.

    3. Serious HP is in no way responsible for the outcome of Dyno results.

    4. Customer assumes all risks and liability including any and all wear and tear, breakage, or damage of any / all types.

    5. No warranty, written or verbal, has been given or offered.

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  • Disclaimer

    By submitting this form, the undersigned participant hereto acknowledges that he/she understands and agrees that Serious HP is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the vehicle being tested on the dynamometer.

    Furthermore, the undersigned understands and agrees to hold harmless and keep indemnified Serious HP, its officials, officers, or participants, agents, and the owners of the property upon which this service is being delivered from any and all claims, actions, or costs of any nature, whatsoever, arising out of receiving this service. The undersigned further declares that he/she has read and understands the statements printed above and that each and every item in the above checklist are within safe limits to allow for the dynamometer test.
  • By making selection and submitting this form you are declaring that you have read, understand and agree the statements printed above.