e85 High Performance Fuel Conversion Kit


e85 High Performance Fuel Conversion Kit

We do more e85 and flex fuel conversions than any other speed shop in Houston. Sample YouTube videos of our e85 and flex fuel conversions. GM vehicles will automatically detect and calibrate to run gasoline, e85 or any blend of these two fuels. Dodge, Ford, Nissan, Scion, Subaru and other vehicles must run e85 100% of the time after conversion.

Why run e85 in your vehicle? Ethanol (or e85) is a remarkable fuel source!:

– 105 octane rating – in most cases better than 110 octane race gas
– Engine will run cooler with a 27 percent reduction in heat compared to premium gas
– Extreme tolerance to detonation, some naturally aspirated engines are able to run up to +15:1 compression ratio.
– ETs are less affected by atmospheric changes
– Does not leave carbon deposits like gas, so maintenance is reduced across the board
– Not corrosive like methanol
– 35% more energy than methanol
– Performance is comparable to best race gas at a fraction of the cost
– e85 is offered at a growing number of gas stations: See e85locator.net to find the filling stations near you.
– e85 is a renewable fuel source that is also environmentally friendly

Product features:

– New fuel injectors to handle the increased fuel flow requirements of e85 (~30% more fuel flow)
– Flex fuel sensor (GM vehicles only)
– e85 compatible hi-flow fuel pump
– e85 engine calibration
– All necessary wiring and fittings

Installation time: 2 days (installation time included in package price). 1 day is needed for the hardware install, 1 day for the e85 dyno tune and road test.


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