Its called 100% customer satisfaction!

Decided it was time to get Serious about building my 2005 Corvette up today’s standards. After Michael DeLong and his team went through the car front to back made very simple to major suggestions in order to make me the customer happy! Therefore I decided to a complete new rebuild to the motor, upgrading components, changing my compression, and have my ProCharger sent back for a rebuild and upgrade. Michael and his team know how anal I am about my car but once the car rolls into the shop, they take full care of it, in fact better than I do. We have a open line of communications, if I have a question that may even require me to spend more money, he will be up front and honest with you. In most cases he tells me you don’t need it or find something else to read about. As far as timeline and delivery, they are dead on and if they are running behind it is only due to the manufacture sending the wrong part, or because its being custom made it took a little longer. One thing for sure, after he re-tunes it, if it is not 100% to his liking then the car is not leaving his shop. Every build from a bolt on to a complete he has a goal in mind. He will do everything in his power to reach that goal. Its called 100% customer satisfaction and anything less is unacceptable! I, Jack Motl whom many of you know me has written and approve this message!

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